Update Account Supp

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API's Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API's developer API Key
accountId yes string Account ID
aiDetail no string Accredited Investor Detail
qpStatus no string QP
qpDetail no string QP Detail
qp2a51 no string QP 2a51-2 selection
qibStatus no string QIB
qibDetail no string QIB Detail
eligible no string Eligibility
newIssue no string New Issue Eligibility
newIssueDetail no string New Issue Eligibility Detail
field1 no string XYZ placeholder (more questions)
k1consent no string K-1 Consent
k2optOut no string K2_Opt_Out
k2optoutAll no string K2_Opt_Out_All
k2optoutAccount no string K2_Opt_out_account
bPInvestor no string Benefit Plan Investor (yes/no)
bPexemption no string Exemption from limits? (if BFI) (yes/no)
bPexemptionNotes no string Notes on Exemption from limits (e.g specify exemption)
bPPlanAssets no string Plan Assets Entity
EmployerName no string Name of employer
EmployerAddress no string Address of employer
SelfEmployeedRetired no string Self employed/Retired
BrokerDealerInvAdv no string Check here if employed by a broker dealer or investment advisor
EmployeePosition no string Position with Employer
PlaceofBirth no string Place of Birth
PassportNumExpDate no string Passport Number and expiration date
OtherBrokerAC no string Financial Institutions with Brokerage and/or Other Investment Accounts
BankReferences no string References at Bank(s)/Financial Institutions
Referral no string Source of Referral/Introduction
BkgdCheckFelony no string Been convicted of, or pled guilty or nolo contendere to, any felony (or similar offense) in any jurisdiction or country?
BkgdCheckCharged no string Been charged with any felony (or similar offense)?
BkgdCheckSanctioned no string Been disciplined and/or sanctioned by a regulatory authority in any jurisdiction or country?
BkgdCheckBankruptcy no string Filed for bankruptcy in any jurisdiction or country?
BkgdCheckLicense no string Been denied for, or had suspended or revoked, any license or permit to engage in any business or profession in any jurisdiction or country
OtherOccupations no string Please list other occupations or duties during the past five years:
GenSolicitation no string General Solicitation
InvBkgdYrs no string Approximate number of years the Investor has been investing
InvBkgdValue no string Approximate current investment portfolio value US$
InvBkgdRE no string Real estate, other than principal residence (directly or through partnerships or other entities managed by others)
InvBkgdTaxShelter no string Tax shelter programs (real estate, leasing, oil and gas, cattle breeding)
InvBkgdSecurities no string Marketable securities (stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, excluding mutual funds)
InvBkgdCommodities no string Commodity futures
InvBkgdSpeculative no string Speculative or venture capital investments
InvBkgdPrivateInv no string Other private investment funds, including hedge funds and commodity pools
TaxBracket no string U.S. Persons Only - Tax bracket of Investor (or, if applicable, its beneficial owner), pursuant to its most recent federal income tax return
InvestmentObjectives no string Investment Objectives (select all that apply):
SourceofFunds no string Were the funds for this investment generated by the business of the entity investing in the Fund/your occupation?
FATFbank no string Is the Wiring Bank located in a FATF Country
FATFbankcustomer no string Are you a customer of the Wiring Bank
USTE no string U.S. Tax Exempt
QualifedClient no string Qualifed Client
40pctSubscriberAssets no string Assuming the complete acceptance of the subscription attached hereto, does the aggregate amount of Subscriber’s investment in the Company exceed 40% of the total assets of Subscriber?
BankHoldingCo no string Is subscriber a “bank holding company” as such term is defined in the U.S. Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended?
PublicDisclosure no string Is the Subscriber directly or indirectly subject to any U.S. or non-U.S. federal, state or local public disclosure law, including Section 552(a) of Title 5, United States Code (commonly known as the “Freedom of Information Act”)?
Trading_Exchange_Disclosure no string Is the Subscriber subject, by regulation, contract or otherwise, to disclose information concerning the Company to a U.S. or non-U.S. trading exchange or other market where interests in such person are sold or traded?
Trading_Exchange_Disclosure_Agent no string Is the Subscriber an agent, nominee, fiduciary, custodian or trustee for any person described in the preceding questions D(3) and D(4) where information concerning the Company provided or to be disclosed to such agent, nominee, fiduciary, custodian or trustee by the Company or the Manager is provided or could at any time become available to such person described in the preceding question D(3) or D(4)?
Corp_USTax no string Is the Subscriber treated as a “corporation” for U.S. federal income tax purposes?
USTE_detail no string Is the Subscriber exempt from U.S. federal income tax? - If yes, please state the basis for such exemption:
Disregarded no string Is the Subscriber treated as a disregarded entity or a trust any portion of which is treated as owned by another Person for purposes of U.S. federal income tax?
Disregarded_owner no string If yes, please specify the owner of the Subscriber for tax purposes and submit answers to all questions set forth in Annex 1 for such Person:
nonUS_Gov no string Is the Subscriber a non-U.S. government or an agency or instrumentality of a non-U.S. government or any plan investor other than a Benefit Plan Investor?
nonUS_Gov_detail no string If yes, please describe:
Subchapter_S no string Is Subscriber a grantor trust, a partnership or a corporation formed under Subchapter S of the Code for U.S. federal income tax purposes?
Subchapter_S_detail no string If yes, please indicate:
50pctBOinterest no string Is more than fifty percent (50%) of the value of the ownership interest of any beneficial owner in the Subscriber (or may at any time during the existence of the Company be) attributable to the Subscriber’s (direct or indirect) interest in the Company?
100partnerlimitation no string Is it a principal purpose of the Subscriber’s participation in the Company to permit the Company to satisfy the 100 partner limitation contained in Regulation Section 1.7704-1(h) (3)?
UBTI no string Is Subscriber (A) subject to U.S. federal income tax on any unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”) or (B) investing assets of a pension plan, IRA or other tax-exempt entity that is subject to federal income tax on any UBTI?
Nominee no string Is the Subscriber holding the Subscribed Shares as a nominee or agent for another natural person or entity?
Nominee_detail no string If you answered “Yes” above, please identify the person on whose behalf the Subscriber is acting as nominee or agent and who will be subject to U.S. tax on the income of the Company
TaxTreaty no string Is the Subscriber entitled to the benefits of an income tax treaty with respect to U.S. tax imposed on any distributions that might made by the Company?
TaxTreaty_detail no string If yes, please identify the applicable tax treaty and applicable withholding rate:
Greater2pctInterest no string Is the Subscriber aware of any natural person or entity, or group of related natural persons or entities, who own, actually or constructively through one or more upper-tier entities, 2% or more of the Subscriber’s outstanding shares or other ownership interests (or, if the Subscriber is a trust (including a pension trust), is there any individual beneficiary or group of related individual beneficiaries who have an interest in the trust in excess of 2%)?
Greater2pctInterest_detail no string If yes, please describe:
RelatedSubscriber no string Is the Subscriber aware of any natural person or entity who owns an interest (directly or constructively) in the Subscriber that is related to another Subscriber, or to the direct or indirect owners of another Subscriber?
RelatedSubscriber_details no string If yes, please describe:
OtherSubscriberControl no string To the best of the Subscriber’s knowledge, does the Subscriber control, or is the Subscriber controlled by or under common control with, any other investor in the Company?
OtherSubscriberControl_details no string If yes, please indicate the name of such other investor:
98pctOwner no string Will any natural person or entity be treated as owning, actually or constructively, more than 9.8% of the Shares as a result of the Subscriber’s acquisition of the Subscribed Shares?
98pctOwner_details no string If yes, please describe:
ControlledForeignCorp no string Is Subscriber, or any direct or indirect owner of Subscriber, a “Controlled Foreign Corporation” for purposes of US federal income tax?
SubscriberIsaBank no string Is Subscriber a “bank” within the meaning of Section 881(c)(3)(A) of the Code?
InsuranceCo no string Is Subscriber (or the entity, plan or account on whose behalf the Subscriber is acting) an insurance company purchasing Shares with assets of its general account (or the assets of a wholly owned subsidiary of its general account)?
InsuranceCo_detail no string If yes, please describe
bp_EBP no string an “employee benefit plan” (as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA) that is subject to Part 4 of Subtitle B of Title I of ERISA
bp_Plan no string a “plan” to which Section 4975 of the Code applies
bp_entity_ERISA_assets no string an entity whose underlying assets include the assets of any such “employee benefit plan” or “plan” by reason of ERISA or the Plan Assets Regulation
bp_ERISA_BPI no string a “benefit plan investor” as such term is otherwise defined in any regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor under Section 3(42) of ERISA (each, a “Benefit Plan Investor”)
bp_details no string If any box above is checked, please describe:
bp_nonUS no string Is the Subscriber a plan which is established and maintained outside of the United States primarily for the benefit of individuals substantially all of whom are nonresident aliens
bp_plan_other no string Is Subscriber (or the entity, plan or account on whose behalf the Subscriber is acting) a governmental, church, non-U.S. or other plan subject to any federal, state, local, non-U.S. or other law or regulation that contains one or more provisions that are (i) similar to Title I of ERISA or the prohibited transaction provisions contained in Section 4975 of the Code and/or (ii) similar to the provisions of the Plan Assets Regulation or that would otherwise provide that the assets of the Company could be deemed to include “plan assets” under such law or regulation?
bp_plan_other_details no string If yes, please describe:
ControllingPerson no string Is Subscriber a person (other than a Benefit Plan Investor) who has discretionary authority or control with respect to the assets of the Company or provides investment advice for a fee (direct or indirect) with respect to such assets, or any “affiliate” (as defined below) of such a person (each such person, a “Controlling Person”)?
Fiduciary no string If the Subscriber (or the entity, plan or account on whose behalf the Subscriber is acting) is a Benefit Plan Investor, was the decision to commit assets of the Benefit Plan Investor for investment in the Company made by an authorized fiduciary who is independent of any Covered Person (a “Fiduciary”)?

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST https://api-sandboxdash.norcapsecurities.com/tapiv3/index.php/v3/updateAccountSupp
 -d clientID=someclientid
 -d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
 -d accountId=A49501
 -d aiDetail=test
 -d qpStatus=Approved
 -d qpDetail=Test
 -d qp2a51=test
 -d qibStatus=test
 -d qibDetail=test
 -d eligible=test
 -d newIssue=test
 -d newIssueDetail=test
 -d field1=test
 -d k1consent=test
 -d k2optOut=test
 -d k2optoutAll=test
 -d k2optoutAccount=test
 -d bPInvestor=yes
 -d bPexemption=no
 -d bPexemptionNotes=test
 -d bPPlanAssets=test
-d EmployerName=EmployerName
-d EmployerAddress=EmployerAddress
-d SelfEmployeedRetired=SelfEmployeedRetired
-d BrokerDealerInvAdv=BrokerDealerInvAdv
-d EmployeePosition=EmployeePosition
-d PlaceofBirth=PlaceofBirth
-d PassportNumExpDate=PassportNumExpDate
-d OtherBrokerAC=OtherBrokerAC
-d BankReferences=BankReferences
-d Referral=Referral
-d BkgdCheckFelony=BkgdCheckFelony
-d BkgdCheckCharged=BkgdCheckCharged
-d BkgdCheckSanctioned=BkgdCheckSanctioned
-d BkgdCheckBankruptcy=BkgdCheckBankruptcy
-d BkgdCheckLicense=BkgdCheckLicense
-d OtherOccupations=OtherOccupations
-d GenSolicitation=GenSolicitation
-d InvBkgdYrs=InvBkgdYrs
-d InvBkgdValue=InvBkgdValue
-d InvBkgdRE=InvBkgdRE
-d InvBkgdTaxShelter=InvBkgdTaxShelter
-d InvBkgdSecurities=InvBkgdSecurities
-d InvBkgdCommodities=InvBkgdCommodities
-d InvBkgdSpeculative=InvBkgdSpeculative
-d InvBkgdPrivateInv=InvBkgdPrivateInv
-d TaxBracket=TaxBracket
-d InvestmentObjectives=InvestmentObjectives
-d SourceofFunds=SourceofFunds
-d FATFbank=FATFbank
-d FATFbankcustomer=FATFbankcustomer
-d QualifedClient=QualifedClient
-d 40pctSubscriberAssets=40pctSubscriberAssets
-d BankHoldingCo=BankHoldingCo
-d PublicDisclosure=PublicDisclosure
-d Trading_Exchange_Disclosure=Trading-Exchange-Disclosure-Agent
-d Trading_Exchange_Disclosure_Agent=Trading_Exchange_Disclosure_Agent
-d Corp_USTax=Corp_USTax
-d USTE_detail=USTE_detail
-d Disregarded=Disregarded
-d Disregarded_owner=Disregarded_owner
-d nonUS_Gov=nonUS_Gov
-d nonUS_Gov_detail=nonUS_Gov_detail
-d Subchapter_S=Subchapter_S
-d Subchapter_S_detail=Subchapter_S_detail
-d 50pctBOinterest=50pctBOinterest
-d 100partnerlimitation=100partnerlimitation
-d Nominee=Nominee
-d Nominee_detail=Nominee_detail
-d TaxTreaty=TaxTreaty
-d TaxTreaty_detail=TaxTreaty_detail
-d Greater2pctInterest=Greater2pctInterest
-d Greater2pctInterest_detail=Greater2pctInterest_detail
-d RelatedSubscriber=RelatedSubscriber
-d RelatedSubscriber_details=RelatedSubscriber_details
-d OtherSubscriberControl=OtherSubscriberControl
-d OtherSubscriberControl_details=OtherSubscriberControl_details
-d 98pctOwner=98pctOwner
-d 98pctOwner_details=98pctOwner_details
-d ControlledForeignCorp=ControlledForeignCorp
-d SubscriberIsaBank=SubscriberIsaBank
-d InsuranceCo=InsuranceCo
-d InsuranceCo_detail=InsuranceCo_detail
-d bp_EBP=bp_EBP
-d bp_Plan=bp_Plan
-d bp_entity_ERISA_assets=bp_entity_ERISA_assets
-d bp_details=bp_details
-d bp_nonUS=bp_nonUS
-d bp_plan_other=bp_plan_other
-d bp_plan_other_details=bp_plan_other_details
-d ControllingPerson=ControllingPerson
-d Fiduciary=Fiduciary

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Description
accountDetails string Array of account details

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "101",
    "statusDesc": "Ok",
    "accountDetails": [
            "accountId": "A49501",
            "aiDetail": "accreditation Investes Details",
            "qpStatus": "Quick Payment Status",
            "qpDetail": "Quick Payment Details",
            "qp2a51": "QP 2a51-2 selection",
            "qibStatus": "QIB Status",
            "qibDetail": "QIB Details ",
            "eligible": "Yes",
            "newIssue": "Issue New content",
            "newIssueDetail": "New Issue Detail ",
            "field1": "Test Content",
            "k1consent": "Consent for K1",
            "k2optOut": "K2 Option Out",
            "k2optoutAll": "K2 Option Out All",
            "k2optoutAccount": "K2 Option Out Account",
            "bPInvestor": "Benificery Investor",
            "bPexemption": "Benificery Exemption",
            "bPexemptionNotes": "Benificery Exemption Notes",
            "bPPlanAssets": "985642",
            "EmployerName": "EmployerName",
            "EmployerAddress": "EmployerAddress",
            "Fiduciary": "Fiduciary",
            "SelfEmployeedRetired": "SelfEmployeedRetired",
            "BrokerDealerInvAdv": "BrokerDealerInvAdv",
            "EmployeePosition": "EmployeePosition",
            "PlaceofBirth": "PlaceofBirth",
            "PassportNumExpDate": "PassportNumExpDate",
            "OtherBrokerAC": "OtherBrokerAC",
            "BankReferences": "BankReferences",
            "Referral": "Referral",
            "BkgdCheckFelony": "BkgdCheckFelony",
            "BkgdCheckCharged": "BkgdCheckCharged",
            "BkgdCheckSanctioned": "BkgdCheckSanctioned",
            "BkgdCheckBankruptcy": "BkgdCheckBankruptcy",
            "BkgdCheckLicense": "BkgdCheckLicense",
            "OtherOccupations": "OtherOccupations",
            "GenSolicitation": "GenSolicitation",
            "InvBkgdValue": "InvBkgdValue",
            "InvBkgdRE": "InvBkgdRE",
            "InvBkgdTaxShelter": "InvBkgdTaxShelter",
            "InvBkgdSecurities": "InvBkgdSecurities",
            "InvBkgdCommodities": "InvBkgdCommodities",
            "InvBkgdSpeculative": "InvBkgdSpeculative",
            "InvBkgdPrivateInv": "InvBkgdPrivateInv",
            "TaxBracket": "TaxBracket",
            "InvestmentObjectives": "InvestmentObjectives",
            "FATFbank": "FATFbank",
            "SourceofFunds": "SourceofFunds",
            "FATFbankcustomer": "FATFbankcustomer",
            "USTE": "USTE",
            "QualifedClient": "QualifedClient",
            "InvBkgdYrs": "InvBkgdYrs",
            "BankHoldingCo": "BankHoldingCo",
            "PublicDisclosure": "PublicDisclosure",
            "Trading_Exchange_Disclosure": "Trading_Exchange_Disclosures",
            "Trading_Exchange_Disclosure_Agent": "Trading_Exchange_Disclosure_Agents",
            "Corp_USTax": "Corp_USTax",
            "USTE_detail": "USTE_detail",
            "Disregarded": "Disregarded",
            "40pctSubscriberAssets": "40pctSubscriberAssets",
            "Disregarded_owner": "Disregarded_owner",
            "nonUS_Gov": "nonUS_Gov",
            "nonUS_Gov_detail": "nonUS_Gov_detail",
            "Subchapter_S": "Subchapter_S",
            "Subchapter_S_detail": "Subchapter_S_detail",
            "50pctBOinterest": "50pctBOinterest",
            "100partnerlimitation": "100partnerlimitation",
            "UBTI": "UBTI",
            "Nominee": "Nominee",
            "Nominee_detail": "Nominee_detail",
            "TaxTreaty": "TaxTreaty",
            "TaxTreaty_detail": "TaxTreaty_detail",
            "Greater2pctInterest": "Greater2pctInterest",
            "Greater2pctInterest_detail": "Greater2pctInterest_detail",
            "RelatedSubscriber": "RelatedSubscriber",
            "RelatedSubscriber_details": "RelatedSubscriber_details",
            "OtherSubscriberControl": "OtherSubscriberControl",
            "OtherSubscriberControl_details": "OtherSubscriberControl_details",
            "98pctOwner": "98pctOwner",
            "98pctOwner_details": "98pctOwner_details",
            "ControlledForeignCorp": "ControlledForeignCorp",
            "SubscriberIsaBank": "SubscriberIsaBank",
            "InsuranceCo": "InsuranceCo",
            "InsuranceCo_detail": "InsuranceCo_detail",
            "bp_EBP": "bp_EBP",
            "bp_Plan": "bp_Plan",
            "bp_entity_ERISA_assets": "bp_entity_ERISA_assets",
            "bp_ERISA_BPI": "bp_ERISA_BPI",
            "bp_details": "bp_details",
            "bp_nonUS": "bp_nonUS",
            "bp_plan_other": "bp_plan_other",
            "bp_plan_other_details": "bp_plan_other_details",
            "ControllingPerson": "ControllingPerson",
            "createdDate": "2022-02-10 09:15:58",
            "updatedDate": "2022-06-07 04:41:14"
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