Update Account Supp

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API's Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API's developer API Key
accountId yes string Account ID
aiDetail no string Accredited Investor Detail
qpStatus no string QP
qpDetail no string QP Detail
qp2a51 no string QP 2a51-2 selection
qibStatus no string QIB
qibDetail no string QIB Detail
eligible no string Eligibility
newIssue no string New Issue Eligibility
newIssueDetail no string New Issue Eligibility Detail
field1 no string XYZ placeholder (more questions)
k1consent no string K-1 Consent
k2optOut no string K2_Opt_Out
k2optoutAll no string K2_Opt_Out_All
k2optoutAccount no string K2_Opt_out_account
bPInvestor no string Benefit Plan Investor (yes/no)
bPexemption no string Exemption from limits? (if BFI) (yes/no)
bPexemptionNotes no string Notes on Exemption from limits (e.g specify exemption)
bPPlanAssets no string Plan Assets Entity

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST https://api-sandboxdash.norcapsecurities.com/tapiv3/index.php/v3/updateAccountSupp
 -d clientID=someclientid
 -d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
 -d accountId=A49501
 -d aiDetail=test
 -d qpStatus=Approved
 -d qpDetail=Test
 -d qp2a51=test
 -d qibStatus=test
 -d qibDetail=test
 -d eligible=test
 -d newIssue=test
 -d newIssueDetail=test
 -d field1=test
 -d k1consent=test
 -d k2optOut=test
 -d k2optoutAll=test
 -d k2optoutAccount=test
 -d bPInvestor=yes
 -d bPexemption=no
 -d bPexemptionNotes=test
 -d bPPlanAssets=test

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Description
accountDetails string Array of account details

Sample Response

	"statusCode": "101",
	"statusDesc": "Ok",
	"accountDetails": [{
		"accountId": "A49501",
		"aiDetail": "test",
		"qpStatus": "test",
		"qpDetail": "test",
		"qp2a51": "test",
		"qibStatus": "",
		"qibDetail": "",
		"eligible": "",
		"newIssue": "",
		"newIssueDetail": "",
		"field1": "",
		"k1consent": "",
		"k2optOut": "",
		"k2optoutAll": "",
		"k2optoutAccount": "",
                "bPInvestor": "yes",
                "bPexemption": "no",
                "bPexemptionNotes": "test", 
                "bPPlanAssets": "test",
		"createdDate": "2022-02-10 09:15:58",
		"createdIpAddress": ""
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