Create Extended Data

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API Developer Key
type yes string account, party, entity and trade
typeId yes string Type related ID generated in TAPI
bankName no string bankName
bankAddress yes string bankAddress
bankCity no string bankCity
bankState no string bankState
bankZip no string bankZip
bankCountry no string Bank Country
bankAccountNumber no string Account Number
bankAccountName no string Name on Account
bankRoutingNumber no string ABA Number
bankSwiftAccount no string Swift Account
bankNotes no string Notes
bankTags no string Tags
bankFurtherCreditAccountName no string For Further Credit Account Name
bankFurtherCreditAccountNumber no string For Further Credit Account Number
bankNickname no string Bank Nick Name
jointAccountType no string Joint Account Type
entityType no string Entity Type
otherEntityType no string Other Entity Type
entityDetails no string Entity Details
otherEntityDetails no string Other Entity Details
jurisdictionState no string Jurisdiction State
jurisdictionCountry no string Jurisdiction Country
ein no string EIN
exemptionFromLimits no string exemptionFromLimits
otherIDNumber no string Other ID Number
otherIDDescription no string Other ID Description
poliCont no string Political Contribution
poliContDate no string Date of Contribution
CFTCNFARole no string CFTC_NFA Role
entityDomicile no string US citizen, US resident, or other US person
boName no string Beneficial Owner Name
boSSN no string Beneficial Owner TIN/SSN
beneficialPlanInvestor no string Benefit Plan Investor
exemptionFromLimits no string Exemption from limits? (if BFI)
exemptionFromLimitsNotes no string Notes on Exemption from limits (e.g specify exemption)
planAssetsEntity no string Plan Assets Entity Bank Country
insassetLimit no string Insurance Assets Limit
planassetLimit no string Plan Assets Limit
bankAddress2 no string Bank Address 2
bankPhone no string Bank Phone Number
CommPrefAccount no string Communication Preference
JurisdictionInc no string State or jurisdiction in which incorporated or formed
FormationDate no date Date of incorporation or formation
bankRepresentative no string Name of Bank Representative
entityRegisteredAddress1 no string Registered Address Line 1
entityRegisteredAddress2 no string Registered Address Line 2
entityRegisteredCity no string Registered City
entityRegisteredState no string Registered State
entityRegisteredZip no string Registered Zip
entityRegisteredCountry no string Registered Country

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d type=entity
-d typeId=E436092
-d bankName=test2
-d bankAddress=test1
-d bankAddress2=test3
-d bankCity=test4
-d bankState=test5
-d bankZip=test6
-d bankCountry=USA
-d bankAccountNumber=test7
-d bankAccountName=test8
-d bankRoutingNumber=test9
-d bankSwiftAccount=test0
-d bankRepresentative=test0
-d bankNotes=test1
-d bankTags=test2
-d bankFurtherCreditAccountName=test3
-d bankFurtherCreditAccountNumber=test4
-d bankPhone=11111111111
-d CommPrefAccount=Email
-d JurisdictionInc=test content
-d FormationDate=05/06/2022
-d entityType=test5
-d otherEntityType=test6
-d entityDetails=test7
-d otherEntityDetails=test8
-d jurisdictionState=test9
-d jurisdictionCountry=test0
-d otherIDNumber=test1
-d otherIDDescription=test2
-d entityDomicile=test3
-d beneficialPlanInvestor=test4
-d exemptionFromLimits=test5
-d exemptionFromLimitsNotes=test6
-d planAssetsEntity=test7
-d poliCont=some text
-d poliContDate=date
-d CFTCNFA=some text
-d CFTCNFARole=some text
-d boName=some text
-d boSSN=some text
-d planassetLimit=limit
-d insassetLimit=limit
-d ein=6489541548
-d bankNickname=Smith
-d bankCountry=USA
-d jointAccountType=Entity
-d entityRegisteredAddress1=test
-d entityRegisteredAddress2=test
-d entityRegisteredCity=test
-d entityRegisteredState=test
-d entityRegisteredZip=12457
-d entityRegisteredCountry=USA

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Description
extendedDataDetails string Array of extended data details

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "101",
    "statusDesc": "Ok",
    "extendedDataDetails": {
            "extendedId": "10002",
            "developerAPIKey": "U4Msub8Kn7tkjUJ3Dv4F7kGOKyC8NAdRIjC",
            "type": "entity",
            "typeId": "E436092",
            "bankName": "test2",
            "bankNickname": "",
            "bankAddress": "test3",
            "bankState": "test5",
            "bankZip": "test6",
            "bankCountry": "",
            "bankAccountNumber": "test7",
            "bankAccountName": "test8",
            "bankRoutingNumber": "test9",
            "bankSwiftAccount": "test0",
            "bankNotes": "test1",
            "bankTags": "test2",
            "bankFurtherCreditAccountName": "test3",
            "bankFurtherCreditAccountNumber": "test4",
            "BankPhone": "11111111111",
            "CommPrefAccount": "Email",
            "JurisdictionInc": "test content",
            "FormationDate": "05/06/2022",
            "jointAccountType": "",
            "entityType": "test5",
            "otherEntityType": "test6",
            "entityDetails": "test7",
            "otherEntityDetails": "test8",
            "jurisdictionState": "test9",
            "jurisdictionCountry": "test0",
            "otherIDNumber": "test1",
            "otherIDDescription": "test2",
            "entityDomicile": "test3",
            "beneficialPlanInvestor": "test4",
            "exemptionFromLimits": "test5",
            "exemptionFromLimitsNotes": "test6",
            "planAssetsEntity": "test7",
            "poliCont": "457546",
            "poliContDate": "05/03/2022",
            "CFTCNFA": "Enity cftc",
            "CFTCNFARole": "entity role",
            "boName": "John",
            "boSSN": "487549825",
            "planassetLimit": "655888",
            "insassetLimit": "50000",
            "ein": "45784561344",
            "entityRegisteredAddress1": "test",
            "entityRegisteredAddress2": "test in",
            "entityRegisteredCity": "test",
            "entityRegisteredState": "test",
            "entityRegisteredZip": "12457",
            "entityRegisteredCountry": "USA",
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