Create Account Supp 506d

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API's Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API's developer API Key
accountId yes string Account ID
YN no conditional 506(d) Default No
A no conditional 506(d) A
Adet no string 506(d) A Detail
B no conditional 506(d) B
Bdet no string 506(d) B Detail
C no conditional 506(d) C
Cdet no string 506(d) C Detail
D no conditional 506(d) D
Ddet no string 506(d) D Detail
E no conditional 506(d) E
Edet no string 506(d) E Detail
F no conditional 506(d) F
Fdet no string 506(d) F Detail
G no conditional 506(d) G
Gdet no string 506(d) G Detail
H no conditional 506(d) H
Hdet no string 506(d) H Detail
I no conditional 506(d) I
Idet no string 506(d) I Detail
electronicConsent no conditional Yes/no
APart1 no string 506(d) A (Part 1)
AdetPart1 no string 506(d) A Detail (Part 1)
BPart1 no string 506(d) B (Part 1)
BDetPart1 no string 506(d) B Detail (Part 1)

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
 -d clientID=someclientid
 -d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
 -d accountId=A49501
 -d YN=Yes
 -d A=Condition
 -d Adet=some text
 -d B=Condition
 -d Bdet=some text
 -d C=Condition
 -d Cdet=some text
 -d D=Condition
 -d Ddet=some text
 -d E=Condition
 -d Edet=some text
 -d F=Condition
 -d Fdet=some text
 -d G=Condition
 -d Gdet=some text
 -d H=Condition
 -d Hdet=some text
 -d I=Condition
 -d Idet=some text
 -d electronicConsent=yes
 -d APart1=some tex
 -d AdetPart1=some text
 -d BPart1=some tex
 -d BDetPart1=some text

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Description
accountDetails string Array of account details

Sample Response

	"statusCode": "101",
	"statusDesc": "Ok",
	"accountDetails": [{
		"accountId": "A49501",
		"YN": "Yes",
		"A": "test",
		"Adet": "test detail",
		"B": "",
		"Bdet": "",
		"C": "",
		"Cdet": "",
		"D": "",
		"Ddet": "",
		"E": "",
		"Edet": "",
		"F": "",
		"Fdet": "",
		"G": "",
		"Gdet": "",
		"H": "",
		"Hdet": "",
		"I": "",
		"Idet": "",
		"electronicConsent": "",
		"APart1": "",
		"AdetPart1": "",
		"BPart1": "",
		"BDetPart1": "",
		"createdDate": "2022-02-10 09:17:44",
		"createdIpAddress": ""
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