Create Order

Create the Order

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API's Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API's developer API Key
memberid yes string Member ID
issuerid yes string Issuer ID
accountid no string Investor placing the order
securityid yes string Security ID
type yes conditional Limit / RFQ
action yes conditional Buy / Sell
quantity yes integer Number of shares
price yes decimal Price per share
expiration yes conditional GTC / Day / Other
expirationDate no date Date if "Other" is selected
disclosePrice yes conditional Yes / No, if "no" is selected, price is not shown on order book.
contingencies no conditional All or None / Minimum Quantity / "" or None, if All or None, order cannot be partially executed, if Minimum Quantity, order will not execute unless threshold is met, if blank or none - no contingencies
minimumThreshold no integer Minimum Quantity of Shares required for the trade to execute
solicited yes string Solicited / Unsolicited

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d clientID=someClient Id 
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperAPIKey  
-d memberid=memberid
-d issuerid=issuerid
-d accountid=accountid
-d securityid= securityid
-d type=type
-d action=action
-d quantity=quantity
-d price=price
-d expiration=expiration
-d expirationDate=expirationDate
-d disclosePrice=disclosePrice
-d contingencies=All or None
-d minimumThreshold=
-d solicited=Unsolicited

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Description
orderid string Order ID
orderStatus string Pending / Live / Rejected / Cancelled / Partially Executed / Executed

Sample Response

	"statusCode": "101",
	"statusDesc": "Ok",

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