Get All Links

Get all party links from accounts

Request Method : POST

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
clientID yes string Transact API Client ID
developerAPIKey yes string Transact API Developer Key
accountId yes string Link account ID that is generated by the API once a link is created(createLink)

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d accountId=A12345

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
statusCode string API Status Code
statusDesc string API Status Information
linkDetails string Array of link includes all information of the matched link( linkId, firstEntryType, firstEntry, relatedEntryType, relatedEntry, linkType, notes)

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "101",
    "statusDesc": "Ok",
    "linkDetails": [
            "id": "330",
            "firstEntryType": "Account",
            "firstEntry": "A51242",
            "relatedEntry": "P99324",
            "relatedEntryType": "IndivACParty",
            "linkType": "owner",
            "notes": ""
            "id": "345",
            "firstEntryType": "Account",
            "firstEntry": "A51242",
            "relatedEntry": "E67648",
            "relatedEntryType": "EntityACParty",
            "linkType": "owner",
            "notes": ""
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